Informed by our geographical focus, guiding principles and strengths, AMSHeR has identified four Strategic Pillars, each with its intended outcomes:

Strategic Objective 1 :: Rights Championed
Improved human rights policies that address stigma, discrimination and other violations related to sexual and gender diversity in Africa and improved responses to violations, including redress to survivors.


  • Increased affirmation of sexual and gender diversity and human rights by policymakers, public officials, other stakeholders and institutions.
  • Increased incorporation of AMSHeR positions and priorities in relevant law and human rights meetings, deliberations and consultations at global, regional and country levels.
Strategic Objective 2 :: Diversity Celebrated

Increased number of government bodies, civil society institutions, private sector companies, and other stakeholders in Africa issue policies, official statements or similar pronouncements that recognise, accept and affirm sexual and gender diversity.


  • Increased neutral and positive media and communication coverage and representation of sexual and gender diversity in Africa.
  • Increased number of political, cultural, religious, private sector, community, academic and other relevant leaders in Africa personally recognise, accept and affirm sexual and gender diversity.
  • Increased visibility and influence of African LGBT+ leaders and champions for change, reflecting the diversity of Africa’s key populations’ realities and communities.
Strategic Objective 3 :: Inclusive Development

Attention and responsiveness to sexual and gender diversity integrated into public sector health, social protection, education and other relevant development programmes in Africa.


  • Increase in policies improved or developed at country, regional and global level that recognise and address social determinants of health outcomes for people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions, and that define and promote access to equitable, quality health services.
  • Increased inclusion of needs and priorities related to sexual and gender diversity in policies and strategies to advance the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals, at country and regional level.
Strategic Objective 4 :: Empowered Social Movement

The LGBT+ movement in Africa, including (and beyond) AMSHeR members and secretariat, more effectively advances rights and social inclusion for people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.


  • Improved performance of the AMSHeR secretariat and of AMSHeR members in delivering on their missions.
  • AMSHeR members and partners better reflect the distinct, continental, intersectional identities of African LGBT+ constituencies.
  • Increased use of AMSHeR tools, position papers, workshops, events and training resources by African designate groups and other relevant African NGOs/CSOs, beyond AMSHeR members and partners.


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