Justice Monica Mbaru
Board Chair
Justice Monica Mbaru is a High Court Judge in the Republic of Kenya…
Justice Monica Mbaru is a High Court Judge in the Republic of Kenya since July 2012 and the present Board Chairperson of the AMSHeR Board.

A legal practitioner with experience of the law that is attested by virtue of the coveted office that she currently occupies. Prior to her appointment to the bench, Justice Mbaru led Programmes with the Kenyan Section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ Kenya).

Her experience of development and human rights comes from years of leading on programmes across the continent. She worked with programmes at HIVOS, in the East Africa regional office in Nairobi and prior as Africa Co-ordinator for the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), now known as Outright International.

She holds a Bachelors of Laws (LLB) and a Masters of Laws (LLM) from the University of Nairobi and University of Pretoria, Centre for Human Rights respectively.

Justice Mbaru has published several papers on the rights of LGBT individuals, persons with disabilities, paralegal training manuals, African human rights, access to justice, and on social and economic rights to name but a few.

John Kashiha
Board Member
John Kashiha is the founder and Programme Director of Community Health…
John Kashiha is the Founder and Programme Director of Community Health Education Services and Advocacy (CHESA) in Tanzania, and a PhD candidate in Sexuality and Politics at the University of Minnesota. Prior to this, John was a Corporate and Finance Manager at Barclays Bank in Tanzania, after starting his career in Finance and Corporate Management. He holds a Bachelor of Cooperative and Finance Management from Moshi Co-operative Management University, a Masters Degree of Science on Community Development in Public Health from Tumaini University, a Diploma in International Relations, Project Management and Public Health Management, and Certificates in Governance and Fundraising.

John’s past roles include public health practitioner, researcher, social worker, programmer, activist and human rights defender, career coach, and leadership consultant. John co-authored a number of research articles about men who have sex men (MSM) key populations in East Africa and Tanzania; MSM human rights as they pertain to HIV/AIDS; communicating sexual health/other services models through social media/email; and pharmacists/drugstore workers as healthcare givers.

Linda Baumann
Board Member
Linda R.M. Bauman is a feminist and human rights and communications…
Linda R.M. Bauman is a feminist and human rights and communications activist who specialises in the human rights of women, girls and LGBTI people. She is currently the Interim Coordinator of the Namibia Diverse Women’s Association (NDWA) – an organisation that advocates for the rights and the bodily autonomy of Women, Girls and Trans Diverse persons in Namibia.

Linda was the Director of Out-Right Namibia, where she focused on administering the strategic, programmatic operational, and management of the organisation, as well as movement building from 2010-2016. She was also one of the founding members.

Before joining ORN, Linda worked as the Project Officer – Human Rights and Media at The Rainbow Project, the national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex organisation in Namibia (that closed in 2009).

Linda started to work in the human rights movement in 2000, focusing on the rights of young girls, women and sexual minorities. Linda trained as a paralegal with Legal Assistance Centre and chaired the Namibian Paralegal Association between 2006 and 2010. She worked with the Namibian Girl Child Association and was very active in establishing young girls’ support group systems.

Linda was a radio presenter at Base FM from 2009-2013, where she hosted topical programmes and a social programme impacting the lives of the listeners. She also chaired the Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA) – Namibian Chapter from 2009 to 2011. Additionally, she served as the Female Co-chair of Pan Africa ILGA from 2007 to 2014, and as the Alternate Secretary General of ILGA World 2011-2012.

Linda has vast experience in working at SADC, regional and international level.

Linda further started chairing the Media Institute for Southern Africa – Namibian Chapter from 2009 onwards. She is one of the few women in the country who served on a weekly national television programme, “The Week That Was,” as a media activist commentator. The focus of this programme was to review the weekly newspaper headlines as assessments for discussion with an overall national view on key issues affecting the country. As a human rights defender Linda has been very active in a number of local NGO forums and organisations within and outside of the country. She is currently serving the Management Committee as Chairperson of Women’s Solidarity Namibia a local women’s organisation, working on gender based violence and human rights violations towards women and young girls.

With these foundations and principles, she prioritises leadership development, human rights, social justice, emancipation of movement building as well as health & wellbeing and legal reform as its main strategic areas of focus.

Kondwani Msampha
Executive Board Member
Kondwani Msampha is Director Finance and Administration…
Kondwani Msampha is Director Finance and Administration at Africare Corporations in Harare, Zimbabwe.

He has over 20 years’ senior international leadership experience in global finance, accounting, treasury and investments, human resource, audits, information technology, legal compliance, policies and processes, grants, and strategic management in a variety of international non-profit organisations that utilise donor funding.

Kondwani is experienced in monitoring and assessing operational systems, strengthening accountability, risk management strategies and working with finance and audit committees of the board, ensuring legal compliance with host country laws, in-house and donor (e.g. USAID, DFID, EU, UN, World Bank) regulations.

He has worked for several organisations across Africa, the United States, and Europe, notably as Head of Finance for International IDEA in Stockholm, and Head of Finance for Pathfinder International in the US and in other African countries. His last position was that of Financial Controller based in Massachusetts. He also has experience with audits and grant management for USAID and other agencies.

Kondwani is a certified Management & Finance Administrator with a B.Com Degree in Accounting from the University of Malawi, supported by several post graduate certifications. He sits on several boards.

Advocate Roshan Dehal
Board Member
Roshan Dehal is an Advocate of the South African High Court…
Roshan Dehal is an Advocate of the South African High Court. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of Corporate Governance, Board Operations and Decorum, the Operation of Absolute Good Faith as a requirement of board members versus the developing of “The Business Rule” principle, which he has consistently applied for over 20 years.

He is knowledgeable on Audit and Strategic Financial Management, Organisation Development and Human Resources, Multilateral Institution and Development Policy, HIV and Key Programming in Africa and Legal including Human Rights Law.

Advocate Dehal has over 40 years’ experience as an International Human Rights Lawyer. He ran a Human Rights firm that has litigated nationally and internationally such human rights issues as those involving the present South African ANC Government during its banned exile period, Amnesty International, OXFAM, the then OAU (now AU), the United Nations Security Council, and Civil Rights Organisations.

He assisted with the formulation of the South African Constitution and successfully motivated for the addition of rights associated with sexual freedom of choice and health. He has for over 15 years worked with NGOs and governments across Asia and Africa on HIV, sexual health and sexual rights and related issues.

Post the Rwandese Genocide of 1994, Advocate Roshan Dehal assisted in the prosecution in Rwanda of the Gross Human Rights Perpetrators.


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